Sept 6, National Day of Reflection, #906reflections

On September 6, 2018, the Government of St. Maarten wants the general public “to stand” as a nation as we reflect on the passing of Hurricane Irma/Maria.

We are now calling on the nation to come together, to stop, pause, and reflect on what that experience meant to us, as a people.

One year later we are here. We overcame the seemingly insurmountable together. We have to reflect on lessons learnt, battles won, challenges we overcame, and the disappointments and fear we have conquered.

In order to acknowledge what happened on September 6, the Government of St. Maarten wants two minutes of reflection throughout the community. To remind ourselves that indeed it is possible to rebuild better and stronger, as we did after Hurricane Luis, 23 years before.

During that time we will also honor our brave, our first responders, the many unsung heroes, ourselves and the ones we lost during the cataclysmic weather phenomenon known as the worst hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean to have hit our shore.

We request that all organizations use the time before September 6, 2018 as a teaching moment, and to come together with loved ones, friends, colleagues’ associates, acquaintances. We should come together and share that which sustained us all. That which took us from strength to strength to be where we are 1 year later.

Thus, on September 6, 2018 at precisely 9:06 a.m., we are asking that public and private schools, all businesses and all government entities to take this moment to stop and reflect. Come to a complete standstill and offer our moment of reverence to the nation of St. Maarten.