2018 CPI/Inflation results

The Department of Statistics (STAT) is informing statistics users and the public that it will not publish Consumer Price Index (CPI)/Inflation rate results for 2018.

This is due to STAT implementing a new data-collection and processing system in 2018 that entails updated methodologies, software and processes used in its regular price surveys and index calculations. Due to resource-constraints, coupled with the obsolete condition of the previous CPI processing system, it was decided not to execute both the old and new systems concurrently. The old system has thus been discontinued at the end of 2017.

Moving forward, STAT has established 2018 as its new base year and starting point for the measuring of price developments within the recently updated basket of consumer goods and services. This so-called basket was determined following the results of the latest Household Budget Survey, which gave insight into household expenditure and its share (weights) across 12 categories of goods and services.

The rollout of the new CPI system will take full effect in January 2019, where prices will be compared to 2018 levels. Hence, STAT will resume publishing of CPI and inflation results based on the new system in early 2019, the department will be able to provide data at more detailed levels where necessary.

STAT appreciates the understanding of its stakeholders during this transition period, and looks forward to better serving the needs of all its users.