School Bus Drivers and School Children: Observe rules for safe school busing during New School Year

Section School Bussing of the Inspectorate of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication, would like to remind all school bus drivers and school children riding on public school busses, that it is not allowed for school children to stand in the bus while it is in motion.


Section School Bussing would like for the new school year 2018-2019 to be a safe one for all students who use this form of transportation to go and return home from school.


The new school year opened on Monday, and the Section School Bussing would like to avoid any mishaps or incidents throughout the year and hence is offering the following advice.


All students must remain seated and facing forward at all times. Secondly, school bus drivers are prohibited from transporting persons other than school children during school hours and while school children are onboard.


During controls carried out in the past this practice has been observed by some school bus drivers and it shall not tolerated. School bus drivers must also be properly and fully dressed while operating the school bus and exhibit good personal hygiene at all times.


Closed shoes must be worn at all times and electronic distractions like headphones, hands-free headsets should not be operated while driving the bus with school children onboard.


School bus drivers are strongly advised to obey the rules of the road and in particular the established speed limit as violators will be dealt with from a criminal as well as administrative standpoint.


Both school children and school bus drivers are expected to cooperate fully and immediately with the instructions of the School Bus Controller and any other law enforcement officer.


As always, the safety of everyone especially the school children are paramount and are the goal of the department.


The Section School Bussing wishes all students and bus drivers a safe and healthy new school year.