MP Heyliger an inspirational leader to many

“My heart poured out to the Honorable Member of Parliament Theo Heyliger and his family when I learnt of the news by the joint court,” remarked Honorable Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications (TEATT) Stuart Johnson on Thursday.

Minister Johnson minced no words saying, “The St.Maarten I was born and raised on is changing rapidly before our very eyes with our democracy being placed at risk.”

The tourism sector was at unprecedented levels when MP Heyliger lead the sector. Today in a post Hurricane Irma era its his standards previously set we need to achieve for our country.

Minister Johnson added, “The need to ensure more cruise arrivals, the full restoration of our airport, a strong economy and a vision to propel this country forward is the direction we need to go.”

Let us not forget his vision lead to us having the best cruise terminal in the North-Eastern Caribbean, the Simpson Bay Causeway Bridge, the boardwalk and other infrastructural projects too numerous to mention.

MP Heyliger in his political career has paved the way to ensure young professionals can serve in the Council of Ministers or even in Parliament. “Today, any young boy or girl can aspire to reach the highest offices in this country and this must be protected to secure the St.Maarten we know,” Minister Johnson added.

“I am calling on the people of St.Maarten to activate their civic responsibility and stand up for our country. We have no where else to go and its future needs to be safeguarded for generations to come,” Minister Johnson stated.