SXMNBA business tournament

In the opening of the St. Maarten National Basketball Association (SXMNBA) 1st Annual Business Basketball Tournament at the LB Scott Sports Auditorium, there were three games on tap in

Game 1 Windward Island Bank (1-0) defeated Telem (0-1) 50 to 40: Top Scorers for the Windward Island Bank were Daniel Philips with 18 points and Jahmal Constance adding 12 points, Top Scorers for Telem were Alain Duzant with 16 points and Alberto Helliger adding 12 points.

In Game 2 Fire Department (1-0) defeated GEBE (0-1) 45to 37: Top Scorers for the Cay Hill Fire Department were Kito Thomas with 14 points and Ashley Marlin adding 12 points, Top Scorers for GEBE were Evemar Wilson with 11 points and Jurien Blijden adding 10 points.

In Game 3 Scotia Bank (1-0) defeated Port SxM (0-1) 58 to 50: Top Scorers for Scotia Bank were Jeffrey Tousain with 18 points and Earlnil Kofi Hamilton adding 11 points, Top Scorers for Port SxM were Romeo Gumbs and Titus Maynard both with scoring 9 points apiece.

Schedule games for Thursday Aug 16 2018 are as follows at 7PM Gebe vs Port SxM – 8PM Fire Department vs Windward Island Bank – 9PM Telem vs Scotia Bank

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