Back to school message

On commencing the new school year the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Police Force of Sint Maarten and the Truancy Inspectorate would like to inform parents and students of the Compulsory Education Law.

The Compulsory Education Law of Sint Maarten (Leerplichtlandsverordering P.B. 1991, no 85) states that all children in St. Maarten between the ages 4 and 18 must attend school. Parents are responsible for making sure their children attend school, while youngsters are not allowed to skip school/classes. Don’t risk a fine or community service by breaking the law.

Over the past years we have seen a lot of fighting in and outside the school premises as well as weapon and drug possession amongst students. Violence, weapons or drugs do not belong in school. Penalties vary from community service to jail time. So go to school, and keep safe in the coming school year!