Passport recall/ Technical problem in production process of Dutch travel documents

The Minister of Internal Affairs in the Netherlands has issued a passport recall and/or check due to a possible glitch in one of the security features placed in the chip of some recently produced Dutch passports.

During the production of the passports, issued in the period of April 2018 to June 2018, the possibility exist that about eight (8) passports (for Sint Maarten) may have a security chip that is affected.

To date, the security feature does not affect the legitimacy of the passport, which is still valid and able to work at border points, immigration controls, and/or airports.

The travel documents are without doubt usable, even if there is a technical error in the security chip.

It is ONLY for passports that have been applied for and produced in the period of April 2018 to June 2018 where the serial number ends with a three (3). This can be seen on the top right hand of the front page.

Persons can first check their passports by checking the serial number in their passports, located on the first page of the passport