The Tax Administration, div: Receiver’s office, hereby informs the general public that in cooperation with Police Dept. (KPSM), controls on payment for Motor vehicle taxes 2018 will commence as of Monday, August 6 th, 2018. Before this time, all vehicles must carry the 2018 plates and must be visible to the police. This means, plates covered with tinted plastic that are not legible are not allowed and the driver can be fined. In accordance with art.25 of the Motor Vehicle tax ordinance, drivers/owners of vehicles who are non-compliant with the above-mentioned will be fined Naf. 300.00. In addition to the fine, drivers will have to endure the inconvenience of having their vehicles confiscated.

What to do in the event your vehicle is confiscated.
In the event your vehicle is confiscated, you must go to the Receivers office with valid insurance and inspection card and pay the motor vehicle taxes for the vehicle.
The tariffs for the motor vehicle taxes 2018 are as follows:

License Plate Gasoline Diesel
Category Nafls. Nafls.
M or P 275.00 + 12.50* 750.00 + 12.50*
TAXI 275.00 + 12.50* 550.00 + 12.50*
R- 300.00 + 12.50* 750.00 + 12.50*
-35 passengers or less 275.00 + 12.50*
550.00 + 12.50*
-36 passengers or more 1250.00 + 12.50*
1250.00+ 12.50*
Weight less than 3500 kg ( 7700 lbs) 275.00 + 12.50*
750.00 + 12.50*
Weight more than 3500 kg (7700 lbs) 1250.00 + 12.50*
1250.00 + 12.50*
* price of the plate
After making payment to the Receiver, you proceed with your motor vehicle tax receipt to the Police Department. The Police Dept. will provide you with a release form, with which you will go to the towing company specified on the release form in order to retrieve your vehicle.

How much will this cost?
In order to retrieve your vehicle, you will first have to pay to the towing company up to $ 85.00 towing charges and $ 15.00 per day storage fee.
Based on art. 25 of the Motor Vehicle tax ordinance, you will also have to pay the fine of Naf 300.00, issued by the police. This must be paid at the Receivers office.