On Tuesday July 16th, SZV staff members Mr. Abraham O. Christian and Mr. Richard R. G. Hassell were officially sworn in as bailiffs (belasting deurwaarder) by judge A.J.J. van Rijen at the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie. Both successfully completed their training program and can now legally execute bailiff tasks on behalf of Social and Health Insurances SZV. These tasks include, but are not limited to; serving summons, executing leans and auctions. The execution of the bailiff function consists of strict adherence to various legal procedures. This year, SZV focusses on the importance of employer compliance. Bailiffs play a key role in the collection process of the ZV/OV and AOV/AWW premiums, of which SZV is responsible for.
In the system of solidarity, employers and employees must contribute to the ZV/OV and AOV/AWW funds. The collected premiums go into the respective fund to ensure that medical expenses and AOV/AWW can be paid out to those who are entitled. One of the employer obligations is the declaration and payment of these premiums. For employers who do not meet this obligation, the law has articles in place that mandate the collection hereof. Employer non-compliance to declare and pay these premiums will result in SZV levying an assessment to which the employer can pay the outstanding amounts.
To collect the outstanding premiums, SZV issues a demand note and thereafter a summons is served, if the outstanding amounts are not yet paid. SZV can also execute other measures to enforce payment, which are the placement of liens and public auctions. The summons, can by law, only be served by a bailiff that is sworn in by a judge.
Employers are encouraged to be compliant to their SZV obligations. Employers seeking additional information can visit the website, e-mail in**@sz*.sx, contact SZV via Facebook, call 546-6782 or visit the Employer Desk located in Building 1, Level 1 at the Harbour View Building in Philipsburg.