Cabinet invests in infrastructure and poverty reduction Caribbean Netherlands

The Cabinet has made an amount of EUR 30 million available to invest in Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. The cabinet submits the priority in improving the economic perspective in the Caribbean Netherlands, among others by strengthening the infrastructure and poverty reduction. Minister Schouten writes this today in a letter also on behalf of Minister Ollongren (Interior and Kingdom Relations, BZK) and State Secretary Knops (Interior and Kingdom Relations, BZK) to the House of Representatives.

In the coalition agreement it was agreed upon to invest in strengthening of the regions. There are six regions defined: Caribbean Netherlands is one of these regions. Today the cabinet has decided that in total EUR 30 million are made available for the following projects :

– building and renewing the port on Saba;
– development of the agricultural sector on Saba;
– contribution to sustainable fuel supply on Bonaire;
– stimulating the social housing on Bonaire;
– development of plans for agricultural development, and improving the slaughterhouse on Bonaire;
– development of plans and stimulating employment services through a job center on Bonaire;
– improving the connection between education and the labor market;
– and addressing the erosion problems on St. Eustatius.

The investments, as mentioned earlier, will be made the moment that there is good governance and sound financial management. State Secretary Knops is in contact with the executive council of Bonaire about the improvements that are necessary and the way he can support them in this. The State Secretary would like to come to a governmental agreement with the public entity of Bonaire, in which priority themes are covered and in which further concrete detailing is given to good governance. The resources for the projects for Bonaire will be deployed as soon as this governmental agreement is ready, when there is agreement on good governance and financial management and the management plans for the projects are ready.