Inspector Hodge new chief Basic Police Care Statia

Inspector Robelto Hodge is the new Chief of Basic Police Care on St. Eustatius effective July 1st 2018. This was confirmed during a special installation ceremony held on Sunday with the management of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force, colleagues, and partners in the justice chain, family and friends in attendance. Inspector Hodge succeeds Inspector Maurice van Velzen who has held this position for the past 4 years.

Chief Commissioner Jose Rosales, Chief of Police for Saba St. Eustatius and Bonaire said he is very pleased and proud that this day had come and that Inspector Hodge has proven himself after successfully completing 2 years of training in preparation for this responsibility. In his address the new Chief of Basic Police Care said the following: “I lead a team here on St. Eustatius. I know my team. The majority of the members of the team on St. Eustatius are sons and daughters of soil. This team is stable and is integrated into the Statian community. The children, brothers and sisters, parents and friends that we grew up with know us and we know them. I am fully capable of keeping that connection between my colleagues and me and also between the community and myself separate from my role as Chief Basic Police Care. Some may see this as challenge; I see that as a benefit.”

Hodge is a 28 year veteran who started his career in the police force on St. Maarten in 1990. He relocated to St. Eustatius in 1995. Together with most of the present team he was transferred to the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force in 2010. His predecessor Inspector van Velzen will now head the KMar Unit (border control) on Saba and St. Eustatius.