Relocation of the Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performance Arts

The Board and Management of The Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performance Arts are elated to announce the relocation of the institution. On June 1, 2018, the school made a smooth transition into the Faj Tang building located on Cannegieter Street #10. This offered members of staff and students a more comfortable and safe environment conducive to the teaching and learning process. The relocation has restored peace of mind for Management, members of staff, students and most importantly our dedicated and supportive parents.
For an extended period, Management, staff and students had to function under unfavorable conditions. Instead of crumbling under our situation we made the commitment to make the best of what we had. As a family we were able to pool together our resources and use our strengths to find feasible solutions which helped us to adapt to our different environments. All this was done to ensure the continuous education of the children placed into our care.
The entire school population wishes to express their gratitude to all those who made their dream of finding a secure location a reality. The outpour of support both locally and internationally cannot go unnoticed. We would like to officially thank all those who contributed school supplies, office supplies, transportation, electronics, uniforms, monetary donations, prayers and well wishes. We hope that one day you will be rewarded for your generous contribution in securing an education for the children at Charlotte Brookson Academy of the Performance Arts. We are in the process of settling and making minor adjustments to our new home to make it as comfortable as possible. The Board and Management is looking forward to the new school year 2018/2019 when we will continue to give of ourselves in ensuring the holistic development of each child placed under our supervision. Today, we are not where we would like want to be as yet but because of your support and contribution we are a step closer to our dreams than yesterday.