TelEm Group Bush Road location set to re-open Wednesday following fire at Carrefour supermarket

TelEm Group is set to re-open its Bush Road location Wednesday, following last week’s fire at the Carrefour supermarket, where the branch office is located.
The Bush Road location has been closed and operations moved to the main TelEm Group building, on Pond Island in the interest of safety to staff and customers, since the fire occurred. It also allowed for some clean-up work of the location.
TelEm Group says its Bush Road branch is especially convenient for customers who wish to make payments and other transactions outside of regular business hours, noting this will continue with late closing at the main building (7:00 pm) Monday and Tuesday to accommodate these customers.
TelEm Group has meantime apologized to customers for any inconvenience caused to customers by an incident beyond the company’s control.