CPS: Get vaccinated against measles and rubella if travelling to the World Cup

The Collective Prevention Services (CPS) is calling on those who plan to travel to the 2018 FIFA World Cup during the next four weeks to ensure that the are up-to-date with all their vaccinations, including the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR). The 2018 World Cup will be hosted by Russia between June 14 and July 15. The vaccine would also be good for those who travel to other countries around the world.

CPS, a department of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour appeals to the general population in line with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation to get vaccinated and ensure that their vaccination status is up to date.

The increase in international travel and the mass movement of people during events such as the World Cup increases the risk of transmission of diseases.

It also increases the likelihood of travelers returning to their countries with diseases such as measles, which is highly contagious and can have grave consequences on the health of unvaccinated populations, according to PAHO/WHO.

Last year, the number of new cases of measles in Europe quadrupled, infecting 22,360 people and leading to 36 deaths. In the first three months of 2018, Europe reported more than 18,000 cases of measles.

It is recommended for travelers to take preventive measures, prior, during and after to mitigate the contracting of any infectious diseases, which one can import upon return.

If a person is experiencing symptoms upon their travel return, it is requested that the person consults their physician for proper diagnosis and reporting where applicable. Let us collectively strengthen our defense against infectious diseases.

France, Greece, Serbia and Ukraine are the countries with the highest number of cases. Russia reported more than 600 cases.

Around one million people from all over the world are expected to travel to the World Cup. Of the 32 countries that will participate in the World Cup, 28 have reported cases of measles this year.

Vaccines help your immune system fight more than 20 dangerous diseases. From the time we’re born, vaccines offer protection to help individuals stay healthy throughout their entire lives.

Evidence continues to show that vaccination is one of the safest, most cost-effective ways to prevent diseases and death.

Within the Region, many countries are on alert for Measles. Measles is a serious and contagious disease caused by a virus and is spread from person to person through the air. It can cause pneumonia, seizures, brain damage, and even death. Vaccination is the best way to prevent measles.

For MMR vaccines and to check your vaccination coverage, children under the age of 18 can consult or check with Youth Health Care and the Baby Clinic at the Vineyard Office Park, and all other age categories should check their vaccination coverage prior to travel by consulting with their physician.

For more information call CPS at 542-3003 or 542-3553.