TelEm Group stopping customer service mobile technical support from today

TelEm Group’s customer service department has announced that with immediate effect it will be stopping the technical support it has been providing to mobile customers at its main Pond Island building.

The service has been provided free of charge to customers who needed assistance with their mobile phones and apps, however, the department says the service is draining resources, especially with the increasing number of customers who are requesting app downloads, photo transfers, phone backups and other time-consuming tasks.

“We were happy to assist customers when resources were more readily available, but now customers are using data more and one consequence of that is that they are also demanding more support from the mobile technical support team,” said Senior Account Manager, Customer Service, Lucrecia Lynch.

“While the resources were available we were happy to assist, but things have changed and we have to make more efficient use of the technical support staff in other customer relations and cashier duties where we can also provide more help to our customers,” said Mrs. Lynch.

She has meantime apologized to customers who have made steady use of the support services provided by TelEm Group’s customer service technical support team and advised them to seek out support from the many companies and individuals who are offering similar support services, however they should also expect to pay a fee.

Mrs. Lynch has also apologized for the sudden notice of cancelled service to customers due to circumstances beyond her control.