Officer Courtar visits Sister Magda

On Thursday May 31st 2018 sergeant of the KPSM traffic department officer Rexcarlos Courtar visited with the 5th grade students of the Sister Magda School.

The purpose of his visit was to help the students prepare for their upcoming traffic exam. Officer Courtar not only educated the students about the traffic rules and regulations but also gave the 5th graders a chance to clarify all questions they had regarding these rules and regulations.

The class consisted of 49 energetic group 7a and 7b students who were all eager to ask and answer traffic questions that would help them better prepare for their traffic exam, which is scheduled to take place on the 5th June 2018. By the end of the session the children had a better understanding of the traffic rules regarding who has the right of way at the various intersections that were illustrated by officer Courtars drawings on the board.

The students of the 5th grade class thanks officer Courtar for the help and he wished them much success on their on coming exams.