Electricity fixed rates as of 1 June are still not known.

In a press conference, Deputy Hubert Martis indicated on 25 May that new fixed electricity consumption tariffs will apply from 1 June 2018. The allocated subsidy on the fixed user tariffs, according to the commissioner, would be distributed in such a way that the smallest users, usually the less fortunate, receive as much subsidy as possible.
Since the end of March, it has been known how much subsidy has been granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. That is why Unkobon had expected after the press conference of the BC that the new rates would be published by WEB in the weekend. That would put an end to the uncertainty and anxiety that had been going on for far too long about the fixed rates that will apply from 1 June for the remainder of 2018.
Unfortunately, the tariffs that go into a few days are still unpublished on Tuesday afternoon, May 29th.
Apparently the uncertainty among the population about the level of these tariffs is no reason for WEB to publish the new tariffs in due time after the decision taken last week.