Retraction Statement

Request for urgent rectification:
The Daily Herald dated May 25, 2018
Article: “Court to decide on Port inquiry request June 26 –De Weever against request- pages 1 and continued on page 9.
The statement made by Cornelius de Weever, in his capacity of Interim Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (TEATT) during the court hearing on May 24, 2018, was as follows:
“As the Minister of Justice, I do not believe in any interference of investigations. As the interim Minister of Tourism I understand that as a shareholder representative, we are directly or indirectly an interested party. Post Irma, my person as Interim Minister of Tourism, along with the Ministry and the Harbour, have taken keen note of the consequences of the investigation and the impact it could potentially have with our stakeholders. We have been trying our best to build the trust and confidence with the cruise industry to ensure that Sint Maarten becomes/ remains the #1 cruise port on their itineraries. I have taken inventory of the changes that need to be made and have started the process to ensure compliance and further enhance proper governance.”