Cable TV’s Euronews Channel will be missing from local line-up from May 31

TelEm Group has announced to its Cable TV customers that come May 31, 2018, the Euronews Channel will no longer be in the daily program line up of its televiewers. Euronews can currently be seen on Channel 155 on St. Maarten Cable TV.

For now, the channel has been making its signals available to the Caribbean region using satellite technology, but has changed its delivery of the service. The new delivery method to the Caribbean was not economical and Euronews informed that this transmission will therefore end May 31, 2018.

TelEm Group says a decision to take the channel off the local program line up was taken many months ago, and even before the cable TV company was purchased by TelEm Group. The company said the high cost of making the necessary equipment available was a deciding factor.

The situation has changed in recent months with TelEm Group reminding that since the company is working on the delivery of a new IPTV network for customers throughout St. Maarten, it is possible that at some stage in the future Euronews will return to the local Cable TV lineup.

“We apologize to viewers for the loss of Euronews in our regular program line-up, but hopefully this is only a temporary development and the channel will make a return soon,” stated TelEm Group in a message to its Cable TV customers.