Suspect in fatal “hit and run” traffic accident comes forward

The Police traffic department has released the information that the suspect in the fatal hit and run traffic accident which took place on Saturday January 27th 2018 at approximately 04.00 a.m. on Union road in the vicinity of Ace Mega Center causing the death of Roy Flanders, who was known to be mentally challenged, has come forward. The suspect in this case had left scene of the accident and did not report it to the police department The suspect identified with initials J.F.A. gave a complete and accurate statement to the traffic investigators of what exactly transpired that night.
The prosecutor dealing with traffic cases who was continuously updated with the progress of the investigation was also informed of the statement given by the suspect. After reviewing the entire case it was concluded that this case was purely an unfortunate accident and based on the statement given by the suspect and on the request of the mother of the victim, the prosecutor decided not follow through with any prosecution and ordered the case closed.