Rafael Boasman appointed as Quartermaster for setup of Integrity Chamber

The Council of Ministers has appointed Mr. Rafael Boasman as Quartermaster of the Integrity Chamber with the task of setting up the institution on Sint Maarten. The setup of the Integrity Chamber involves finding an appropriate office location and the hiring of qualified staff to run the day-to-day operations among others.

The Netherlands has also appointed Mr. Hans Lobber as Quartermaster and he is expected to visit Sint Maarten shortly. Communication between both men has already commenced as preparations for the establishment of the Integrity Chamber remains of utmost importance for the Government of Sint Maarten.

On Friday May 4th, Mr. Boasman paid a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin where he outlined his activities thus far and expressed his gratitude for the confidence that has been placed on him to execute the task as Quartermaster of the Integrity Chamber