Ministry VSA launch Vector Control Awareness campaign: “If You Clean Up, We Will Pick It Up”

The Ministry of VSA, hosted by the department of Collective Prevention Services will launch a Vector Control Awareness campaign themed: “If you clean it Up, we will pick it Up”. The campaign will commence in the month of May and is an extension of the successful Mosquito Breeding Sites Elimination and Clean Up action that started on April 9th. The campaign aims to stimulate residents to clean up their premises and offer free pick-up services of the cleaned up debris in various districts.
“Our communities have a very high risk for mosquito breeding grounds. We hope that everyone will make good use of this opportunity to have unwanted debris picked-up for FREE. Get rid of the old fridge, washing machine, tires, etc. let us come pick-it up for you. I believe it is a good way to support our community as we all take on the fight against mosquitos on the island.” – Emil Lee, Minister of Public Health

Residents of the following districts are asked to clean their premises of unwanted debris and make these available on the public roadside for pick-up. Debris to be collected by the department of VROMI must be on the roadside by 7 am on May 8. Debris placed after 7 am may not be picked up. Please note that no debris will be collected in private yards or property unless authorized and instructed to do so.

1st. week in May; Sucker garden; Middle region; Dutch Quarter; Belvedere; Mount Williams; Defiance; Bishop hill – 7 AM, May 8th pick up
These districts will be scheduled for later in May. The date for pick up to be announced.
Oyster Pond; Dawn beach; Tamarin hill; Guana bay; Over the Pond; Illigde Road; Phillipsburg; Over the Bank; Hope Estate; Cay hill; Belair

The Cash for Work project of the Ministry of VSA that enabled 15 unemployed persons to be trained and certified to support the vector control team of CPS has been very successful in their controls and assessments thus far. Between April 9th and 19th, approximately 3006 premises were visited and 953 homes were found open for inspection. One in every 7 homes was found positive for mosquito larvae. Based on these findings, the household index is 14%, however, the threshold of the World Health Organization (WHO) is 2%. Seeing the high risk of contamination the vector team will be revisiting those areas again in order to organize for pick-up by the department of VROMI. The project is moving-on next week to the Upper & Lower Princess Quarter districts.

The campaign is headed by the Ministry of VSA, the department of Collective Prevention Services, Project Manager, Mr. Gerald Davelaar with the support of the Ministry of VSA and UNDP, funded by the World Bank.