Diamond Hill stabbing

The Public Prosecutor requested a lengthy prison sentence of 15 years for A.L. (21), suspected of stabbing to death Garibaldi Zorilla during a heated brawl on Diamond Hill in Cole Bay in July 2017.

The Public Prosecutor has charged A.L. with the manslaughter of Zorilla, causing severe bodily injury to two other young men involved in the fight and public violence. The Public Prosecutor deemed these acts pointless acts of violence, in which a young man lost his life.

The Public Prosecutor found it proven that A.L. was the main aggressor and that he was the one in possession of the weapon used to stab Zorilla 7 times causing his death. A.L.’s DNA was found under the nails of Zorilla.

The Public Prosecutor pointed out that in spite of having two prior convictions and serving jail time, A.L. had not changed his behavior pattern and showed no remorse for his actions.

The Public Prosecutor requested a conditional prison term of 1 month and 100 hours community service for I.W. (25) and J.S (24), who was part of A.L.’s circle and were involved in public violence. The Public Prosecutor found that there was not enough evidence linking I.W. and J.S. to the manslaughter of Zorillla nor to the bodily injuries suffered by the two other victims.