Two suspects arrested for attempted armed robbery

On Tuesday April 17th two young males were arrested by police suspected of attempted armed robbery. According to information these two suspects who were dressed in dark clothing and each armed with a gun attempted to rob a couple at the lookout point in Guana Bay. The suspects arrived in beige colored Hyundai I-10. The victim/driver of the vehicle managed to drive away during the attempted robbery and drove to the crossing of Sucker garden road and Guana Bay road. In the meanwhile the police department was notified of what had taken place and requested police assistance. Shortly after the same vehicle was seen coming out of the Guana bay area and headed towards Middle Region. Immediately several police patrols and detectives started a search to locate the vehicle and suspects in question. With great assistance and communication from persons in the community the police was successful in arresting the two male suspects with initials A.G. (17) and K.C. J.B (17) and confiscated the vehicle they used in the attempted robbery. The investigation is in the hands of the Special Unit Robbery.