Minister of Justice De Weever says measures forthcoming to combat robberies and barkers

Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever on Monday met with Chief Police Commissioner Carl John regarding armed robberies and barker harassment.
The Minister of Justice was informed during the meeting that a strategy is in place and will be carried out by the police officers as they execute their daily duties to protect and to serve the community of Sint Maarten.
Some of the measures include increased police surveillance in the Simpson Bay area as well as preventative searches throughout the country. This will be an ongoing operation by the Police Force.
“The recent armed robberies are very concerning, and it has the undivided attention of the Police Force. Community support is very much key as well.
“If you know something, call the Police and inform them. Help the Police to protect you and our community. Fighting crime is a responsibility of the entire community.
“With respect to barkers, action will be taken to protect our livelihood which is tourism. Safety and security of cruise passengers are essential for the cruise passenger experience while visiting a destination.
“The safety and security of our visiting guest is priority number one, and cannot be taken for granted. Our law enforcement officials will do all they can according to the laws of the land where infringements are found,” Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever said on Tuesday.