Police reports from Friday, April 6th until Monday, April 9th 2018

On Friday April 6th, 2018, around 5.00 PM, the patrol and the ambulance service were dispatched to the Pleasures Drive on Sint Eustatius were neighbors found an elderly man lying on the ground who was not giving any signs of life. The ambulance personnel checked for vital signs and determined that ‘rigormortis’ had already set in. The doctor was then summoned to the scene who pronounced the death. The acting prosecutor took charge of the investigation on the scene. Police conducted an investigation of the area and determined that there were no signs of foul play at the scene. The road where the body was found is a ways up on the side of the Quill and it is not a busy road. Neighbors discovered the body after they arrived home from work on Friday afternoon. The personnel of the hearse came to the scene and retrieved the body and took it to the Queen Beatrix Medical Center, where the doctor examined the body in the presence of the police. The body did not display any signs of trauma or foul play. After consultation with the prosecutor and personnel from the forensic department the prosecutor turned over the body of the deceased man to his wife. It concerns the man with initial B.V. of 74 years of age.
Later in the evening of the same day, around 7.30 PM, a call came into the police station of Sint Eustatius that 2 assailants robbed a local supermarket in the Golden Rock area. The assailants were able to escape with the days revenues. Police responded to the scene immediately and started to investigate. Witnesses were able to provide the identity of one of the assailants. Police conducted a search of the area. Several items were confiscated linking more suspects to the robbery. Four (4) suspects with initials W.A.J. of 18 years of age, L.A.B. of 20 years of age, O.F.S. of 19 years of age and M.H.H. 18 of years of age were arrested in this investigation. The investigation into the robbery is still an active one and no further details will be given at this time.
On Saturday, April 7th , a hit and run took place on the Fort Street on Saba, in the vicinity of the ATM in Windwardside. A car parked there was hit by another car and had damaged the bumper, the right front tire right headlamp of the parked car. The case is being investigated.
On Sunday, April 8th , a hit and run took place at a house on the Catherine Lespier Road, on St. Eustatius, around 2 AM. The resident heard a hard blow outside his home and saw a car driving away in the distance. In the morning, a car appeared to have collided against his car, which was parked outside. The car had damage at the bumper, the right front tire and on the left side. The case is being investigated.