Police notifications of Thursday, March 29th until Tuesday April 3rd 2018

On Thursday, March 29th , a collision took place on the James Hooker Road on St. Eustatius, around 6.30 PM. A car drove against a lamppost. The driver stated that this happened because he drove too close to the roadside. The driver had no physical injuries but felt dizzy because he probably had hit his head against the windshield. He was checked by the ambulance personnel on the spot.

Later that evening another collision took place on the Oranjebaaiweg on St. Eustatius around 11:45 PM. The driver of a car drove at too high a speed causing him to lose control of the steering wheel and the car tipped against a wall. The driver was taken to the hospital by the ambulance for medical check-ups.

On Saturday, March 31st , a collision between a scooter and a car took place on the H.M. Beatrixroad on St. Eustatius. The scooter did not see the car coming and drove against the side of the car. The driver of the scooter had a wound on his head and abrasions, while the passenger of the scooter also had a wound on his head. The driver of the scooter received a fine for driving without a valid driver’s license and insurance.