TelEm Group CEO, Management Team meet with Government Formateur Theo Heyliger

TelEm Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, and members of his Management Team met with Governor-appointed Formateur, Theo Heyliger, Monday to update him on developments within the company.

The opportunity was also taken to inform the United Democrats leader and Member of Parliament on the status of the company post-Hurricane Irma and the TelEm Group’s recovery efforts generally.

The meeting was held at TelEm Group’s main building on Pond Island.

Speaking at the end of the meeting, Mr. Dupersoy thanked the Formateur for the visit and deliberations.

“We discussed current status and future plans and I am very pleased with the information given and the information received during our meeting,” said Mr. Dupersoy.

“We look forward to the new government coming in and working in the best interest of the recovery that has us all involved,” said the TelEm Group head.

At Monday’s meeting with Mr. Dupersoy was Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mrs. Helma Etnel, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mr. Eldert Louisa and Chief Commercial Officer, (CCO) Mr. Brian Mingo.

Accompanying Mr. Heyliger were members of the Formateur’s team, Tamara Leonard and Support Staff member, Ms. Dreena Lopez.