UNDP consults Disaster Risk Management Expert

To facilitate Country St. Maarten in its overall recovery process, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has consulted Disaster Risk Management Expert and current director of The Disaster Risk Reduction Centre at the University of The West Indies, Mona campus, Jamaica, Barbara Carby, to conduct an independent evaluation of the response to Hurricane Irma and issue recommendations for the recovery process.

The evaluation is supported by commander and Chief, The Honourable Prime Minister, Leona Marlin- Romeo, the EOC (Emergency Operation Centre) and disaster management team.
During the week of March 12-16th, Carby consulted a cross section of persons, including, from government, the private sector, NGOs and the community about aspects of the response such as immediate preparedness, operations, restoration and humanitarian assistance.
The results of Carby’s evaluation will inform the St. Maarten’s government’s disaster management programme going forward.
Barbara Carby is a disaster management professional with over 25 years of national, regional and international experience in disaster risk reduction, pre- and post-disaster planning and interventions. Among others, Carby coordinated the development of the national disaster risk management system for the Cayman Islands compatible with the use of WebEOC and coordinated the introduction of Web EOC as the emergency management software for the National Emergency Operations Centre
Her core competencies are all-hazards planning, policy development, hazard management programme development and evaluation, building awareness for the importance of risk reduction from community through national to international level.