Application period for Carnival vending is now open

The Department of Economic Licenses hereby announces that persons interested in vending food, beverages, helium balloons and other typical items associated with carnival can now apply for these licenses at the aforementioned department located at the new Government Administration Building, Soualuiga Road #1, Pond Island, Great Bay, at the Economic Licenses customer counter (counter B). The deadline for these applications to be submitted is April 6, 2018.
Furthermore, due to safety concerns, the “no-vending” zones of past years will be strictly applied for Carnival 2018. As a result of this, lots will be given out to applicants on a first come, first serve basis. The department is therefore stressing that persons interested in street vending in the Philipsburg area submit their applications (and choose their vending location) early as space is limited.
As it pertains to vending in the Festival Village, the Department of Economic Licenses has been provided with a list of all Festival Village booth holders. Therefore, only persons mentioned on the aforementioned list can apply for a vending license to operate a booth in the Festival Village.
All persons interested street vending and vending within the Festival Village (booth holders), must come to the department with the following documentation before April 6, 2018.
1. A completed application form.
2. A valid colored copy of your passport or identification card of the applicant and helper.
3. A receipt of Nafls. 110.00 from the Receiver’s Office from the applicant.
4. A copy of the applicant’s crib declaration. (Note: Applicant must walk with this when paying at Receiver’s Office!)
5. From The Census Office:
A valid copy of the applicant’s registration form. (This must not be older than six (6) months.)
6. One (1) recent colored passport picture of applicant and the helper.
7. A valid copy of food handler’s certificate from applicant and helper.

The cost of the license for the entire Carnival season is one hundred ten (Nafls. 110,00).


The Head of the Department of Economic Licenses