Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sport would like to thank the Netherlands Red Cross. Satisfaction Survey of Free School Food Program Underway.

Parents encouraged to Participate in survey

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sport in partnership with the Netherlands Red Cross have been executing a co-funded feeding program for students in all primary schools since the passing of hurricane Irma in September 2017.

With the approval from parents and cooperation from schools and their staff, elementary school students and a recent addition of approximately 180 high school students to the program, have been able to receive two meals daily prepared by the Netherlands Red Cross, free of charge. The program remains fully funded until the end of May, thereafter the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport will ensure that the programs extends until the end of the school year in June.

The program, which started in October 2017, has been preparing up to 8000 meals per day. As a means to monitor and evaluate the success of the program in its entirety, the Government of St. Maarten and the Netherlands Red Cross agreed to carry out a satisfaction survey with the aim to receive feedback on the level of service and the quality of products delivered. School participation will be evaluated as not all schools partook in the program and the reasons for this should be ascertained.

This survey is geared towards teachers and staff at participating schools and most importantly, to parents.
As of March 6th, 2018, a limited amount of copies will be available via all participating schools for parents to respond until March 15th. Consideration has also been given to offer the survey online as an efficient and more environmentally friendly approach in collecting the necessary data.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth & Sport encourages parents to take this survey in effort to assist the Ministry and Netherlands Red Cross in improving on existing services rendered to children on the island. The link to the survey can be found here: