The National Disaster Fund is opening up the hurricane Irma reconstruction fund

In November 2017, the board of the National Disaster Fund (NRF) decided to make available a maximum of 2 million euros for the reconstruction of Sint Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba after Hurricane Irma.

Clemence Ross van Dorp, chairman of the NRF: ‘With this fund the National Disaster Fund wants to give concrete expression to the solidarity of the Netherlands with the Windward Islands. We give civil society organizations support with this fund to enable the reconstruction of their work ‘.

From now on, the fund is open for applications. The fund focuses on the reconstruction and strengthening of the social networks on the islands that have been hit so hard by the hurricane. This involves support for neighborhood projects, relief projects (children, the elderly, people with disabilities) and projects for young people.

The NRF coordinates its work with the ‘Cooperating funds Caribbean part of the Kingdom’ and with the reconstruction program of the Kingdom Government to prevent overlap.

The NRF intends to spend 2/3 of its budget via organizations established and registered on the islands. They can of course also be assisted by organizations outside the islands during the preparation and execution of projects. Support is also available for them when preparing an application.

Clemence Ross van Dorp: ‘In the first instance it is about strengthening local civil society organizations. They are the best guarantee that we also contribute to a better future in the long term. ‘

On the website of the National Disaster Fund ( the conditions for the financing can be found and an application form can be downloaded.

For organizations in the Netherlands that are active (with reconstruction) on Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba, the NRF organizes an information meeting about the fund on Monday 12 March at 19.30 in Utrecht. You can register for this meeting by e-mail at: se**********@eh**.nl.