NV GEBE 2018 Senior Citizens Relief 62+ program

NV GEBE has commenced with the application process of its Senior Citizens Relief 62+ program. This program is geared towards certain eligible Senior Citizens with its aim to reduce the electricity costs for individuals that qualify for this program. Registration forms for the Senior Citizens Relief 62+ program can be collected at the Main Office from February 19, 2018, through March 2, 2018, at Main Office in Philipsburg. Forms can also be downloaded on our website at www.nvgebe.com.

After the form has been completed together with the necessary original documents, said documentation can then be submitted at the Main Office in Philipsburg. We are kindly asking you to walk with an old bill and a copy of your ID. For questions on the Senior Citizens Relief Program please feel free to call 546 1100/ 546 1160/ 54 22213 or call us on our toll free emergency number 1 844 432 3213 or email us at cu**********@nv****.com Monday through Friday from 7:45PM to 3:00PM.