Island Governor Franco meets Statia Reconstruction Team

On Thursday February 15th, Mr. Mike Franco, Island Governor, met with management of Statia Reconstruction Team where he received an update on the housing recovery of St. Eustatius financed by the Dutch Central Government. Project Manager Mr. Mel Raboen de Sanchez Pacheco and his team provided Mr. Franco with an extensive tour on the site of storage and distribution of building material and other supplies. On location they provided detailed information regarding the efforts to (re)build almost a 100 projects that needs to be completed before the emerging hurricane season.

The reconstruction project is scheduled to complete all approved projects well before the peak of the 2018 hurricane season. Cooperation has been sought with several social organizations (‘Mega D Youth Foundation’, ‘New Challenges Foundation’ and ‘Statia Pride’) to carry out several community projects to help beautify and recapture the spirit of Statia in colours. As Mr. Raboen de Sanchez Pacheco said at earlier meetings: ‘The recovery of this beautiful island comes from the heart.’ More information will be shared within short.

On September 6th and 15th, 2017 St. Eustatius was affected by the ravage of hurricanes Irma and Maria leaving some residents without a roof and others with varying levels of damages to their dwellings.