On February 2nd, 2018, a program was organized by the Division Public Education to bring teachers together for a time of fun and fellowship. The participation was made possible based on a decision made by the Ministry of Education to close all 7 Public Schools so that the teachers can unit.
The program started first with a welcoming address by the Division Public Education Head Miss Glenderlin-Holiday, which was then followed by the acting SG Miss Shermina Powell-Richardson who spoke on behalf of Minister of education, culture, youth and sport Drs. Jorien Wuite Which in her speech she expressed her appreciation that the Division public Education made it possible to carry such an activity with the goal to bring the teachers together in a fun filled environment to foster team spirit especially after facing so many challenges for the past months of the last calendar year 2017.
Motivational speaker Apostle Alicia Liverpool- governing director of Reign Society Global, a recipient of many awards, a worshiper, an artist, an author and a community leader; centered her key note address on the team “Building your inner spirit as Teachers”. This investment in themselves would enable teachers to make a positive contribution to their students so that they in turn can withdraw positive results. Only by depositing positive concepts could a positive contribution be made to their students’ growth and comprehension of life.
The program was coordinated by the DPE Physical Education instructors and Music enhancement team of Division Public Education. All present was treated to a series of interactive games such as table games, building bridges games, Musical performances and much more. There was a high level of excitement and it was evident that the objective of unity and team building was accomplished.
“I would like to thank all the teachers, School Managers and care takers for their contributions and involvements and wish them much strength as they embrace the rest of 2017-2018 school year”.
Done by Head of Division Public Education
Glenderline Davis.