Training for school management Caribbean Netherlands

The PO-Raad, the Dutch sector organization for primary education, who represents the joint interests of school boards in both the European and Caribbean part of The Netherlands, has partnered with Training Professionals International Firm (TPI). The aim of this partnership is to provide coaching for school principals and vice principals and potential management team members on the islands of St. Eustatius and Saba.

In 2011, the PO-Raad initiated the project “Coaches in the Caribbean Netherlands” at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in The Hague. Within the project, both school coaches and board coaches support the development of the Caribbean school organizations as laid down in the Education Agenda for the Caribbean Netherlands. The aim of the Education Agenda is to take education in the Caribbean Netherlands to the same quality level as education in the European Netherlands.

Training in two parts
TPI has a two-fold role in the training project for school management and will award all participants with (2) globally accredited certifications, Management & Leadership and Coaching for High Performance. TPI’s first role is to provide professional one-on-one coaching to principals that focus on 21st century best practices in school management & leadership, techniques to enhance teacher engagement, practices to increase parental involvement, knowledge on how to improve staff accountability standards, and approaches to build high functioning work teams.

The second part of the program is conducting group sessions with school principals and vice principals and potential management team members. The group sessions will focus on improving school functions and processes, increasing team buy-in, effective communication, activities that encourage positive teaching, parent and student relationships, time management, prioritizing techniques and how to implement a teacher-coaching program within their organizations.

Dr. Gittens, Senior Educational Consultant leading the project, states: “TPI understands that continuous learning is crucial for all professionals. Our team and I are elated that T.E.A.C.H. Institute, the Educational Division of TPI, can be involved in a program that will make such a measurable difference in how educators perform.”
Participants about the program
Anton Hermans, Principal of the Saba Comprehensive School, (SCS) shares: “Continuing professional development is important for all members of our team. That is why the SCS Management views this professional development opportunity as a positive way to enhance our leadership skills and improve our careers.”
According to Camelia Berkel, Director of The Expertise Centre Education Care, (ECE) of St. Eustatius: “the continuous leadership training for our management staff is essential, as they are the ones that will set the pace for the school climate for teachers and students.”
Rhea Courtar, Teacher & Vice Principal of Golden Rock Primary School of St. Eustatius says: “This program is important because it allows educators to grow personally and as a group. It will encourage us to share and receive innovative ideas that will directly benefit our schools and communities.”