Man commits suicide

On Tuesday January 30th at approximately 11.10 a.m. police patrols and detectives were directed to Old Simpson Bay road 36 to investigate a case of a man who had hung himself. On the scene the investigating officers located a white male hanging from a tree with a rope tied around his nick. The victim was not showing any signs of life. Dr. Mercuur who arrived shortly at the scene pronounced the death of the victim as “death by hanging”.
On the scene the investigators identified the victim with his passport and had also learnt that he had recently arrived on the island and was staying at a local hotel. The victim is identified with initials D.P.A. (57) from the Netherlands. The victim however was facing some health and financial issues and had admitted that to friends he met on the island and which are the reasons that he has committed suicide.
The body of the victim was transported to the Royal Funeral Home and his family members will be informed of the tragic situation.