Miami Based School teams up with Well-known Beach Clean-up Foundation and the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation to Clean Mullet Bay

Students from the Gulliver Middle School in Miami, with the Support of Hollywood Casino, joined forces with renown Ocean Cleanup Organization 4Ocean and the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation in cleaning up beaches and wetlands in Sint Maarten.

The Students organized the cleanup activities especially experiencing the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and on their own initiative traveled to the island with representatives from 4Oceans to assist the Nature Foundation with its ongoing beach-cleanup campaigns:

4Ocean is a global movement that allows anyone from anywhere to join and help in ocean trash removal efforts worldwide. With overwhelming response from supporters, the organization has been able to successfully remove more than 250,000 pounds of trash from the ocean in the organization’s first year alone. The organization is also known for making bracelets which it sells for donations and charities made from recycled materials and which will be available on the island to support coastal and ocean clean-up activities.

“We were so delighted and grateful to the students of Gilligan High School for taking this important initiative and cleaning up some of our most important economic and ecological beaches on the island. We are also excited to have received the support from 4Ocean organized by the students who will now be assisting the Nature Foundation with its ongoing cleanup activities and have generously donated reusable cleanup bags, gloves and grabbers for our clean-ups moving forward,” commented Tadzio Bervoets, Nature Foundation Manager.

Some three tons of garbage have been removed during Saturday’s and Sunday’s cleanup on Mullet Bay Beach and the Simpson Bay Lagoon.