Minister Grapperhaus visits Bonaire en Curaçao

Minister Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) will visit Bonaire and Curaçao from Monday January 15th till Wednesday January 17th, 2018. During his first visit to the Leeward Islands he will be introduced to the ministers of Justice of Aruba and Curaçao.

Judicial Four Parties Meeting
During the regular judicial meeting of four parties they discuss among others, the approach of high impact crimes, the coast guard and the possibilities to further cooperation in fighting cross-border crime and the fight against terrorism.

Grapperhaus is looking forward to meeting his colleagues on the Leeward Islands for the first time. “It is very important that we cooperate in strengthening law enforcement, border controls and the fight against terrorism. I count on an pleasant first meeting and a good cooperation with my fellow ministers of Justice. ”

In addition to the judicial four parties meeting on Curaçao, Grapperhaus will visit the Fire Department and the newly built prison on Bonaire. He will also have meetings with among others the Island Governor, the Police Chief, the Chief Public Prosecutor and the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary on Bonaire.
The program of Minister Grapperhaus starts on Monday morning January 15th on Bonaire.

On Monday evening January 15th he arrives on Curaçao, where the judicial four Parties meeting will take place on Tuesday January 16th. After that Grapperhaus will also have meetings on Curaçao with the Governor and the President of the Joint Court of Justice. He will also visit the coast guard and the Recherche cooperation unit.