Civil Registry

The Office of the Civil Registry of St. Maarten is the subject of much criticism, due to its new policy of providing services via appointment only. The phone and email service that is supposed to facilitate the “by-appointment-only” policy is alleged to be way below par.
It would help greatly if the motivation for this management decision and an overview of the numbers and data involved would be provided.
For example:
How many requests for appointment have been made?
How many requests have been honored?
What was the subject of these requests ( ID, passport, etc. )?
How many requests have been received via email?
It also begs the question whether this fits into government digitalization plan or is this a departmental approach?
I have requested government to provide all relevant information that supports this decision.
“And finally, upon analyzing the above, is government willing to consider reversing this in the interest of the people and their urgent needs for documents from the Civil Registry, especially with the election scheduled in about 7 weeks.”


Sarah Wescot-Williams, MP