Frans: People’s people reflected on USP list

Leader of the United St. Maarten (US) party MP Frans Richardson describes the list of the party as “one in which the people of St. Maarten can see themselves reflected” and one that is ready and capable to govern.

Speaking over the weekend, Richardson lauded the fact that once again the USP has given capable young professionals the opportunity to seek higher office to continue serving St. Maarten based on their expertise, education and a forward way of thinking.
“When you look at our list we have once again given individuals new to the political scene the opportunity to seek higher office from a true family-team oriented platform. They may be new, but they are passionate about serving their country and helping to rebuild St. Maarten,” Richardson said.
“I am proud of this list of people’s people. The people of St. Maarten can see themselves reflected in our list, in people who work hard every day in their respective sectors to push our country forward and secure a positive future for all of us. They are people you can approach anywhere, you see them at you events, in your clubs, they don’t move in cliques,” he added.
Richardson said he is eager for USP candidates to “get out there” and get even closer to the general population and relay what the party plans are for St. Maarten.
“We have done a thorough job in looking for candidates who are serious. Now after Irma, we need young people who are committed to the task at hand. The rebuilding of this country is the priority. We hope the people of St. Maarten will once again give us a mandate to continue the good work that the USP has been doing when we have gotten the opportunity to govern,” Richardson said.