COCI President’s New Year Address (2018)

The anxiously awaited 2018 is upon us filled with our hope that this new year will bring us good in all facets of our lives. As a nation we were tested in an extreme way, to which we responded with love and resilience. 2017 will therefore not just go down in history as a year with great devastation to our infrastructure and lives, but also the year in which this nation once again proved its strength, resilience and bounce back capabilities. The events of 2017 should be the catalyst for the rebirth of the country, a defining moment in the aftermath when we decided consciously to make our country better than ever. What we do from hereon will define us for years to come. This year the person of the year is our resilient nation. No one person, entity or business alone achieved what we have achieved as a nation together. The employees of our utility companies (GEBE and Telecom providers) who worked tirelessly to restore power, water and communications, the volunteers who worked to distribute aid, the entities that worked on our beaches, the medical personnel who went beyond, the neighbors who came to the aid of others, the civil servants and third parties who worked to clean debris, the businesses that fought to reopen to offer services and to maintain personnel all contributed in one way or another yet together achieving the fastest recovery imaginable. Whilst we have a long way to go, we have in comparison to others who have endured the same as us done quite well thus far. Our work however has just begun, and our resolve must be to continue rebuilding together. The energy and determination with which we worked towards 2018, shall be needed direly throughout 2018 and beyond for there will be hurdles to overcome. COCI actively participated and contributed through its available means in every phase and will during the rebuilding phase with a focus on economic development undertake to contribute towards the solid foundation on which our country will continue to grow. Cognizant of the fact that our success is contingent on having a stable political environment in which a structured approach to development is undertaken, COCI will push for close collaborations with its stakeholders and governmental divisions. COCI maintains a conservative yet positive outlook, this due to statistics on business closures and incorporations since September 2017. With 86 business closures and 126 businesses incorporated (construction/food and beverage/communications/consultancy) the trust and confidence in economy and its possibilities has maintained and is enhanced with an anticipation of product and service needs to arise during the rebuilding phase. Strength, resilience, trust, flexibility and creativity will bring forth new industries to replace some that may be lost for a while. Unemployment and the consequences thereof will require prompt and adequate attention, to ensure that no one is left behind and the safety and security of all is guaranteed, The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of COCI wish everyone a Prosperous New Year.

Peggy Ann Brandon President