Central Voting Bureau – Postulation Day

The Chairman of the Central Voting Bureau for the election of the members of the Parliament of Sint Maarten hereby – in accordance with article 22, paragraph 4 of the Electoral Ordinance – publicly announces the following:

Political parties that are registered at the Electoral Council can submit their lists of candidates for the upcoming Parliamentary Election – to be held on February 26th 2018 – to the chairman of the Central Voting Bureau, or a member of said bureau that has been designated by him, between 09:00am and 4:00pm on postulation day, which is set for January 5th 2018, at the House of Parliament, located at the Wilhelminastraat 1 in Philipsburg.

There are forms available that are free of charge at the Department of Civil Registry, which are specifically intended to be used for the list of candidates.

Each list of candidates will need to be endorsed by 142 eligible voters. Said endorsement takes place by the voters mentioned in article 39, paragraph 2 of the Electoral Ordinance affixing his/her signature to a list of candidates. A voter is not allowed to endorse more than one (1) list. The aforementioned endorsement will take place on Monday, January 8th 2018 from 09:00am to 4:00pm at the building in which the Department of Civil Registry was formerly situated.

Only persons that are authorized to endorse a list of candidates (eligible voters) shall be permitted to do so and can identify themselves by means of:

• A valid ID card as is referred to in article 1 of the National Ordinance on Identification Cards (PB 1965, no. 17)
• A valid passport
• A valid driver’s license
• Any by National Decree, containing general measures, designated valid form of identification.

The obligation of endorsement of lists of candidates is not applicable to lists of candidates of political parties that have obtained one (1) or more seats at the last held Parliamentary Election.

The Central Voting Bureau furthermore refers to chapter 5 of the Electoral Ordinance for all regulations regarding postulation day.

The Chairman of the Central Voting Bureau,

Jason J. ROGERS, LL.M.

Sint Maarten, December 14th 2017.