Police chase suspect fire-arm found

On Monday December 11th a police patrol during a routine control in the area of Crystal Bar on the Soualiga road saw a man walking very suspiciously with a container in his hand. The area is known to be one where drugs and weapons are sold and bought. When the officers approached this man to find out what the contents of the containers was the suspect started behaving increasingly suspicious. As the officers stepped out of the patrol vehicle to approach this man he took off running through the dark and narrow alleys in the area. The officers chased the suspect on foot and saw when he threw and object under a table in one of the alleys. The suspect disappeared into the darkness. A search of the area was done by the investigating officers and a black 9 millimeter pistol was found exactly where the suspect had dropped the object.
This weapon was confiscated for further investigation along with three small plastic bags containing a small amount of marihuana which were in the container. The suspect was not arrested.