Chief Prosecutor Ton Maan says farewell

On Thursday December 7th, in the presence of colleagues from the Prosecutors Office, colleagues from Dutch National Police Force, the Police Chief Carl John and his management-team and colleagues from the KPSM, the outgoing Chief Prosecutor for Sint Maarten Ton Maan took the opportunity to say farewell. Ton Maan has been Chief Prosecutor for Sint Maarten for a number of years and has established a very close working relationship with the KPSM.
During this gathering the Police Chief thanked Ton Maan for the great cooperation he had given to the KPSM during the time he was in office as Chief Prosecutor. John further stated that it was definitely an honor to have worked along side Ton Maan and wished him all the best in his future endeavors. Ton Maan will be returning to the Netherlands where he will continue his duties. The successor of Ton Maan is Chief Prosecutor Jeroen Steenbrink