A decision to dissolve parliament does not absolve any MP of his/her duties; a caretaker Parliament does not exist.

A meeting that could have brought some answers to many lingering questions, was obstructed again by NA members of parliament . I dutifully followed the rules and vacated the chair’s seat to speak on the topic, only to see the same old games being played. This would have been the right place for ministers to clarify and respond to concerns that exist in the community.

I expected the Minister of VROMI, who continues to rant on radio programs about the Simpsonbay Lagoon to provide proof of his allegations; I expected information regarding the border control agreement, to allay fears that this agreement would infringe upon the open borders between the 2 sides of the island;
I expected the answers to how the government was dealing with the finances of government, knowing that we have a serious budget deficit, and the 50 million guilders budgeted for extra coast because of hurricane Irma; as well as answers on the roof repair program and food voucher program.
I wanted to know what government plans are for the homeless persons still in shelters at the Festival Village and the Little League ball park.
I want(ed) to know what new labor policies are being devised, given the “new realities” of our labor market.
I want(ed) to know the truth about pledges from (government-owned) companies.
I wanted government’s take on the election resolution and the fact that the 3 months period, stipulated in the constitution, has not been observed.
I wanted to know about insurance, adjusters and payouts in general, and for government and government companies in particular.
“Some argue that there is much happening and there is some truth to that. However, much more is happening, that is very questionable to say the least. ”


S. A. Wescot-Williams