Teenager seriously injures another

Detectives of the Youth and Morals Department (Juvenile Department-KPSM) are presently investigating a serious case of ill-treatment among juveniles. The incident took place on Saturday November 25th in Sint Peters where a 16 year boy using a BB-gun fired several shots at another teenage boy, who at the time was riding his bike hitting him at least three times. The victim was taken to the Sint Maarten Medical Center to be treated for his wounds. The reason why this shooting took place is still under investigation. The suspect has been arrested and he remains in custody for questioning and further investigation.
The Police Force is also encouraging the entire community, to continue to maintain the very close and important contact with the police. This contact, as was stated in prior press releases is very essential in combating crime and also tackling and preventing of criminal activity on the Dutch side of the island. Give us a call on 54-22222, on our emergency line 911, our Anonymous tip-line #9300 or send us an E-mail at ti**@po*******.sx, in**@po*******.sx or send us a personal message on our Facebook page. Your information is confidential and safe with us!