VROMI did as they should in the salvaging of the wreckages in the lagoon

The Ministry has been working diligently with the processing of salvaging permits. Thus far 90 salvaging permits have been given between the two companies Aquatic Solutions NV and Seacure Marine Construction.

VROMI understands the severity of the state of the Simpson Bay lagoon but also needs to make sure that companies working have the proper documentation in place.

There was some confusion post hurricanes Irma and Maria pertaining to salvaging wrecks and the barge “Titan” that was brought by Marine Management & Consulting.

Chairlady Sarah Wescott Williams brought the barge to the attention of the coalition members as well as the council of Ministers and questioned why the barge was not being operated at the time. Thus it is confusing as to why she would mention in various media interviews she was unaware of the barge according to Minister Emmanuel.

The Port Department in Nassau Bahamas made it clear that they are in full agreement that the vessel in question, Motor Vessel TITAN, should not be allowed to operate outside of her specified trading area.

Acting Head Maritime affairs, Claudius Carty, mentioned in the press release dated October 26, 2017, that the barge was headed back to the Bahamas and expressed that it was very sad to see the facts being twisted in order to try and justify the willful wrongdoing of an operator.