Frans: Praising Dutch actions against the PM is self-defeating

Leader of the United St. Maarten (US) party MP Frans Richardson on Sunday said that anyone rejoicing over the unprecedented moves by the Dutch government to oust Prime Minister William Marlin is condoning a dangerous, self-defeating precedent that will be used again against St. Maarten. “We have our differences, we have our disagreements but to give our approval to the systematic dismantling of our processes and our people is self-defeating.”

The MP said the divide and conquer tactics of the Dutch is on full display, with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte “boldly” claiming that 90% of the population wanted to see Marlin gone so they (the Dutch government) had a right to force his departure.

“So here they are, using sentiments from God knows where, to use our people to get rid of and destroy our people. We have now missed two opportunities to stand as one. None of this would be happening, none of it, if we presented a united front. If we cared so much about St. Maarten and its people, did it really matter when we decided to say ok enough, we stand together?” the MP asked.

He said the first opportunity missed was when the Dutch tied the aid to St. Maarten accepting the integrity chamber and border control. The second opportunity was when the Dutch tied the aid to the PM vacating his post. “Even after the Marlin Cabinet had resigned, are care-taker Ministers and awaiting the process of screening to be complete for the incoming government. That still wasn’t enough. Our democratic system is inadequate for the Dutch who continue to meddle and make demands.

“Why? For humanitarian aid that we still have no details about almost three months after Irma. This is not normal. This is not about our people. It is about control and power. We sit back and we clap at what the Dutch are doing to us, dismantling our system through our acceptance while we allow precedent to be set that will be used against us again and again in the future,” MP Richardson said.

He said the Dutch will continue to make demands tied to the aid or any other form of assistance. “When this type of treatment is inflicted upon others in the future, perhaps elected representatives you support, by rejoicing and giving your stamp of approval now, you accept what will happen to those you support in the future,” MP Richardson said.

“I have said it over and over, it is a shame what power, aided by manipulation, has caused parties and politicians on St. Maarten to accept. We are rubber stamping everything the Dutch wants as long as the end result is power. No discussions in Parliament, no attempts at serious negotiations by holding one head. Nothing. But we rejoice when one of our own, despite the political colour, is targeted and taken out,” he added.