MP Wescot to Vromi Minister: Act your role and stop bluffing.

“I have not heard it myself, but it caused some persons to get quite upset, so I can only imagine the ranting that took place during the weekly Tuesday night program on 95.9 FM (SOS radio) on November 21st. This particular program is the mouthpiece for a political party, so its biased content should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, that does not mean that slander and bluffs should go unchallenged.
Our honorable Minister of VROMI allegedly was livid about my questions regarding the salvaging operations in the Simpsonbay Lagoon and on that particular program on 95.9 FM was fencing about a letter he had in his possession regarding the salvaging operations.
He alluded to this letter and me, as if there was something sinister about my questioning of the lagoon cleanup in general.
A couple of comments:
The Minister should at least try to act his role as minister. In that role he is accountable to Parliament.
The Minister should stop the bluffing game and provide whatever document he claims is so damaging.
No intimidation or slander will stop me from doing what I have to do and that is call on Ministers of Government to give account for their actions or inactions.
We will get to the bottom of the reasons why such an urgent part of the recovery efforts, namely cleaning up the Simpsonbay lagoon, was mired in long delays and frustration.
And finally, I hereby share what I believe is the disputed letter by MMC Marine Management & Consulting, which was also directed to Parliament and which I questioned. If the Minister has any other letter, then he should publish it and stop bluffing.